Developing strong replicable relationships with organizations like Access Power enables us to multiply our impact and, by sharing risk, accelerate private sector development of infrastructure. Abiba Solar demonstrates our commitment to developing infrastructure in fragile and conflict-affected locations.

“We see this project as a gateway to the widespread adoption of renewable energy in Africa’s largest economy, whilst cementing the role of ACF as an innovative platform designed to turn good concepts into bankable projects.”

The ambitious project which is expected to commence construction in 2018 aims to be  Kaduna’s first privately developed renewable power facility, and its first solar project. This slow but progressive shift to renewable energy comes at a key period for the country, as stakeholders are currently at loggerheads on the way forward for the power sector. NERC and ANED have recently clashed over the decision to escrow DisCo accounts and the GenCos have also made remarks about the incapacity of TCN in recent weeks. If the Abiba project fulfills its commitment to providing enough to satisfy the daytime requirement of over 200,000 Nigerian households, then it will be nothing short of remarkable.