AEDC Launches Electricity Theft Information booklet


abuja Electricity Distribution Company
(AEDC) in conjunction with the Office of
the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) has
constituted a special panel to investigate and
prosecute electricity theft and others that
have contributed to loss of revenue in the
Also, as an immediate measure, the
AEDC launched a booklet-Electricity
Theft Information- which it produced in
conjunction with its consultants meant to
guide investigators and prosecutors in their
Speaking at the inauguration of the
Special Task Force on the Investigation and
Prosecution of Theft Cases yesterday at the
DPP office in Abuja, the AEDC Managing
Director, Engineer Ernest Mupwaya, said the
power firms were reeling under the weight
of losses arising from meter tampering and
bypass, illegal connections, theft of electricity
and vandalism of infrastructure.
Mupwaya, who was visibly displeased
with losses and distortions caused by the
above electricity related offences, said the
firm decided to spearhead the campaign
against these practices to clear the path for
prosecution of culprits.
Further, he said though there is a provision
for electricity related offences in the Penal
Code, Miscellaneous Offences Act and
Electricity Power Sector Act, there are little
or no judicial precedents associated with
them in the Nigeria environment, adding
that they decided to partner with other
agencies for positive result.
“We are, therefore, partnering with the
relevant security and government agencies
to achieve the joint objectives of eliminating
incidents of electricity related offences. We
are aware that the DPPs office, the Nigeria
Police Force and the Nigeria Security and
Civil Defence Corps play a crucial role in
the achievement of this objective and AEDC
will work with these agencies to effectively
discharge the joint mandate,” he said.
Mupwaya said the panel is machinery that
is meant to facilitate easy investigation and
prosecution of electricity offences noting
that the firm would further reach out to
the FCT Chief Judge to ensure judges were
readily available handle electricity cases.
“AEDC is prepared to organise the
requisite training for such judicial officers
to bring them to the terms with the basic
information on such offences,” the AEDC
boss said adding that similar training has
been planned for the members of the panel
that was being inaugurated.
Meanwhile, the DPP, U. E. Mohammed,
welcomed the initiative stressing that
electricity theft has gone on unchecked for
too long and tasked members of the panel to
handle it as a pressing national assignment.
“Your task is to work assiduously with
the AEDC to investigate and prosecute all
cases of electricity theft within the area of
coverage of the AEDC. You also allowed
to make recommendations to me and
the management of the AEDC for other
alternative dispute resolutions mechanisms
to be employed where necessary. Bear
in mind that the overall objective is to
prevent electricity theft cases and recover
lost revenue,” Mohammed said stressing
that it would help boost power supply and
economic activities within AEDC coverage area.


Source: NigerianPilot

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