PHED Clarifies NERC’s Directive On Bills Payment


The Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company has said that the new directive issued by the Nigeria Electricity Eegulatory Commission (NERC) on bill payment, that Nigerians without prepaid melers were to stop paying electicity bills as published by an online news medium is highly misconstrued by members of the public. The company clarified that the new directive was only meant for maximum Demand (MD) customers who may not have been metered as earlier directed by the regulator based on the February 28, 2017 deadline.

A statement by the company’s corporate communications officers, John Onyi, said in compliance with NERC’s directive, the firm had as at date metered all MD customers before the deadline. The statement also said that NERC officials have conducted a validity check and have ascertained the veracity of PHED’s claim over metering. It said the company was still carrying out re-colibration, re-certification, re-classification and replacement of faulty meters to further sanitise the system.
“Meanwhile as a responsive company, we are delighted to inform our non-maximum demand customers that a robust metering plan is ongoing and in no distant time, it will get to all. “We hereby urge you, our valued customers, not to be swayed by those whose sole objective is to drive discourse away from the original content”, it said.

Source: TideNews

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