DisCos Reiterate Commitment to Meter All Residential Customers


Electricity distribution companies operating in the country have reiterated their commitment to metering all residential customers to address the challenge of estimated billings.

Speaking at a town hall meeting in Agbara, Ogun state, electricity customers and operators bared their minds on some of the contending issues.

Issues around system collapse that has resulted to power dropping from the national grid, lack of prepaid meters, infrastructure deficit, lack of gas supply amongst others has been affecting production.

The gathering by Eko electricity is aimed at bringing all parties up to speed with some of the challenges
faced by both the operators and electricity consumers.

The operators also frowned at all forms of energy thefts, meter bypassing. They said this eats deep into the finances of the investors.

Recently, the World Bank confirmed to be in talks with the Federal Government on ways to improve and increase power supply across the country.

A move they believe will help achieve economic stability.

Source: TVC News

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