NERC Tasks DisCos on Improved Customer Services


The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC, has urged the Electricity Distribution Companies, Discos, to improve the quality of services rendered to their customers.

In a tweet on Monday, the Commission said quality and improved services from the Discos to their customers depend on them (Discos) measuring up to five listed duties.

According to NERC, the discos are duty-bound to enlighten their customers through organising educational programmes on electricity issues, including safety and effective use of electricity in their homes.

It also said most electricity users do not know about tariff allocations and how they apply to their usages, therefore, Discos should consider it a duty to inform their customers on the various types of tariffs, their applications and their impact and sustainability.

NERC said it had also been burdened with complaints from customers on slow services from their respective Discos, urging them (Discos), to providers quickly responses to customers’ complaints to avoid agitations.

On provision of electricity to customers in their districts, NERC said the Discos should not leave out any customers under their jurisdictions, mandating them to supply electricity to their customers so long as they are registered within their coverage areas, and are willing to pay for the services and other associated charges.

It also urged the discos to provide accessible vending stations where prepaid customers can obtain electricity tokens and ensure that these vending stations are open during normal work hours, and from 8;00am-12:00 mid-day on weekends, including public holidays


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