TCN Wheels Out 72,261.7MW of Electricity in Four Weeks


The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), said yesterday that it wheeled out 72,261.7 megawatts of electricity in the first four weeks of August, Vanguard reports.

The daily statistics of TCN operations obtained from Nigerian Electricity System Operator (SO), a section of the TCN, indicated that 34,853.3 megawatts was generated between August 1 and 12. This was against the 37,408.4 megawatts generated between August 13 and 23.

TCN said that national peak demand forecast stood at 19,100.00mw, while 11,165.40mw was the installed available capacity, 7,139.60mw was the available capacity, 7,000 mw was the current transmission capacity and network operational capacity was 5,500.00mw.


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