Nigeria Lost 2,648.7MW to Gas, Line Constraints on October 29th


According to the daily electricity generation report by the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing, Nigeria’s power sector lost 2,648.7 megawatts (mw) on October 29 to line and gas constraints, The Guardian reports.

The daily report, obtained on Monday, put the utilized generation capability of Geregu Nigerian National Integrated Power Project (NIPP) Gas Turbine (GT)21 & 23 at 290mw; Paras Energy GT2, 9.2mw; Omotosho NIPP GT1 & 4, 240mw; Egbin ST4, 48mw; Delta GT15,16 & 19, 315mw; Olorunsogo NIPP GT1-3, 360mw; Olorunsogo Gas GT2, 3 & 6, 114mw; Afam VI GT12 & ST10, 350mw; Omotosho GT2, 5, 7 & 8, 152mw; and Ihovbor GT1, 112.5mw.

Others are Geregu Gas GT11 & 12, 45mw; Alaoji NIPP GT2, 120mw; Odukpani NIPP GT3, 117; Shiroro 411G1, 150; Sapele NIPP GT4, 112.5mw and Ihovbor GT3, 112.5mw. The Ministry said it envisaged that with improved plant availability and relief from existing power system network related constraints, an additional 1620.75mmscf of gas (equivalent to 6077.8mw) would be required when all thermal units are on par.

Source: Energy Mix Report

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