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China wind

China’s Renewables End Year on High Note

China’s Renewables End Year on High Note

The country’s total installed generation capacity is predicted to reach 1.77 TWh by the end of this year according to government sources, with renewables accounting for 38 percent. And its power output is expected to hit 3.6 billion tonnes of coal equivalent this year, with renewables accounting for 17.6 percent. The country’s newly-installed renewable capacity


Securing Namibia’s Future Power Network

  At the helm of Namibia’s Electricity Control Board (ECB), sits a trained lawyer, an admitted Attorney with the Namibian High Court who served in the Ministry of Justice before joining Namibia’s power utility, NamPower, where she was the head of the Energy Trading Department. ESI Africa was privileged to interview ECB’s highly inspiring, bustling


Heavy Use of Generators Puts Nigeria’s Climate Plans in Jeopardy

The continued heavy reliance on fossil fuel-powered generators in Nigeria by government institutions, businesses, and households for electricity supply constitutes a major threat to the nation’s climate change plans, ‘Femi Asu writes. Diesel or petrol generators are often used in most countries as backup or emergency power when the national grid fails or during power


5,222.3MW: Expect More Power, TCN Assures Consumers

The Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN, has assured Nigerians that with the national peak power generation of  5,222.3 megawatts, the incremental power supply is on the way. TCN said it is adding to the achievement with standard transmission equipment which it has cleared from different ports to optimize transmission of electricity. Power General  Manager, Public


More Investors Head to Edo as Azura-Edo Power Begins Generation

Riding on the back of the impressive outing of Azura Edo Independent Power Project (IPP), which has just begun generation of electricity seven months ahead of schedule, investors are thronging Edo State to pitch their tent and partake of the conducive business environment and progressive posture of the government towards genuine investments. Governor Obaseki Special


Concerns Over Rampant Cases of Electrocution

There have been concerns about rampant electrical accidents and electrocutions in Nigeria in recent times. Many people have lamented that what is even most worrisome is the fact that more lives and properties are being endangered with issues such as falling poles and ignorance that are still common especially in low brow areas, ABAH ADAH writes. On

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