Nigerians Will Resist Further Increment in Electricity Tariff, GPN advices FG


The Green Party of Nigeria, GPN,  yesterday advised the Federal Government to halt any plan to further increase electricity tariff, warning that Nigerians might be pushed to the wall and revolt against the government as a result of the prevailing hardship in the country.

The Chairman of the party in Edo State, Mr. Roy Oribhabor, who gave the counsel in Benin City, said the proposed increment if implemented, would further worsen the hardship in the country. According to him, any further increment would not only lead to increase in the prices of goods and foodstuff but would also lead to the closure of factories due to the high cost of production.

He said: “As a political party, we are seriously worried about the determination of the Federal Government to increase electricity tariff when we are not even enjoying electricity. We are worried because it seems the government is no longer sensitive to the situation in the country, it’s almost as if the government is closing its eyes to the hardship being faced by the people. This policy is anti-people and a practical demonstration of government’s insensitivity to the plight the people.

As a party, we must ask at this junction, whose interest is the Federal Government representing? Why is the Federal Government crying more than the bereaved? “We expect this government to carefully examine the sales policy of the last administration, that heartlessly sold our common patrimony to its cronies in the name of privatization. It is on record that since the sale of PHCN, there has been no meaningful and tangible improvement in the availability of electricity in the country.”

Source: IWIN

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