Industrialist Blames Unemployment on Poor Power Supply

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Onitsha worried by the poor electricity supply across the country, an Onitsha-based industrialist and a manufacturer of binding iron and other household materials, Chief Linus Ezenkwu, has lamented that poor power supply in Nigeria was affecting greatly the pace of industrialization of the country.

He stressed that if the power sector is stabilized a lot of local industrialists would expand the scope of their businesses and employ more youths to work in their factories.

Chief Ezenkwu, who is the Managing Director, Nkwubuego Steel Company, Atani Road, Ogbaru near Onitsha, stated this in an interview with INDEPENDENT during a prayer session on Thursday at the factory to mark the opening of business for the year.

He maintained that power, as the crux of every industrial revolution, was capable of solving about 75 percent of the nation’s unemployment rate if carefully and sincerely handled.

With staff strength of 363 workers, the notable industrialist noted that his company was capable of absorbing more workers if electricity and genuine attention to industrialization are given their pride of place in the country.

He, however, expressed worry that estimated billing system by Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) was “killing” the spirit of industrialization in Nigeria. He called on the authorities to mandate the electricity distribution companies to provide consumers with pre-paid metres so as to discourage unnecessary exploitation of electricity consumers by officials of EEDC.

The industrialist maintained that provision of pre-paid metres would encourage hard work and healthy competition among consumers, adding that the role the Federal Government is playing in the power sector of the country appears suspicious and worrisome to Nigerians.

The businessman appealed to his workers who had gathered for the prayer session to have good intentions for the company as the management was entirely disposed to rewarding staff diligence to promote healthy competition among the staff.

While urging the state government to look into the problem of blockage of GCM Road by long vehicles belonging to a brewery in the area, Chief Ezenkwu assured that such experience was affecting other people’s businesses as company vehicles wait for long hours before passing through to convey goods to their destinations.

Source: Independent

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