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Cutting Manufacturing Costs with Renewable Energy Solutions

Cutting Manufacturing Costs with Renewable Energy Solutions

With the impact of energy costs on the productive sector becoming unbearable, exploring clean, sustainable alternative energy source has become attractive to operators in the value-chain industry, especially if they hope to remain competitive in the global market. Indeed, estimates from the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) showed that operators spent about N63 billion on


Nigeria is Set to Implement the Paris Agreement with the Launch of Green Bonds

The Minister of Environment, Amina Mohammed at a Green Bond Public Private Advisory group meeting recently in Abuja, said the government is determined to increase the nation’s funding options in the financing of its development objectives. The issue of green economy has been a part of President Muhammadu Buhari’s Change Agenda and it also plays a prominent role.


Nigeria to Increase Power Generation through Solar Energy

The Federal Government says it would intensify efforts to increase power generation through solar energy. The Minister of Science and Technology, Dr Ogbonnaya Onu, made the statement when he visited NASENI Solar Energy Ltd. He said such efforts would promote productivity and encourage more investors to come in to the country. Onu said the ministry


Government Directs NNPC to Explore Alternative Energy Sources

Worried by incessant attacks on oil installations, especially bursting of gas pipelines by the militants in the Niger Delta, the Federal Government has directed the management of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, to explore alternative energy sources, with a view to addressing the problems of irregular power supply. The gas pipelines laid across the Niger


Can renewable energy turn Nigeria’s lights on? (2013)

Reliable night-time lighting for households, for refrigeration, and affordable power for businesses would change many lives, and renewable energy has the potential to do this. But for solar power, hydropower and wind energy to be made available on a significant scale, government policy needs to change. Affordable loans to finance development and market growth for


Renewable Energy Potential in Nigeria (2012)

This report discusses energy sector in Nigeria and recommends action for harnessing the country’s renewable energy potential. The scale of opportunities for renewables is only just becoming apparent, much more than the public or policy-makers realise, as new grid technologies such as concentrated solar power are emerging as in competitors with conventional power generation.  Finance


Micro-grids for Rural Electrification: A critical review of best practices based on seven case studies (2014)

Micro-grid systems substantially differ in their busi­ness, financial and organisational models, as they depend on size, technology, demand, resource availability, social context, and quality and quan­tity of the service they strive to provide. This publication by the United Nations Foundation attempts to grasp the implications for the sustainability of different micro-grid sys­tems.  Part of the methodology included

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